Just Beginning to Scout For a Laptop

I currently have a gaming laptop which I’ve had for 4 years.  It is a custom 17 inch laptop that I originally got from Malibal.com. Don’t get me wrong,  in terms of performance it still performs fast.  Having had it for so long, recently the fan noise got on my nerves because it would rev… Read More »

Backup Those Files and Documents

If you have a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll definitely want to backup those important files or documents. Yes, there are cloud services like Dropbox, One Drive, or Google Drive, but I am wary of uploading those sensitive documents such as bank statements, credit card bills, or even tax related information. One cool tip that… Read More »

How To Get 20GB+ Dropbox Space Easily

Let’s face it.  Online storage is pretty useful in being able to store your online pictures and files.  I just happened to start off with Dropbox early in the online storage space.  It is easy to use, and generally a good all-around online storage provider. However if you signup for a free account at Dropbox,… Read More »

Are You Financially Literate?

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a personal finance/investing junkie.  I like to research stocks, read about credit cards, or listen to podcasts. I stumbled upon a great article by Ric Edelman.  He has a podcast that I enjoy listening to because he explains concepts very clearly and answers callers’ questions very… Read More »

Need To Send a Fax?

Every once in a while, I would say rarely, I need to send a fax of some sort.  There are companies out there that still only accept some documents by fax. Yes, if you have a lot of faxes to send, there are many services out there to fulfill your needs.  You just pay some… Read More »

Time To Renew Your Passport?

At least in the United States, you need to submit a photo when applying for or renewing a passport. Did you know that if you go to your local drugstore such as Walgreens and CVS, it costs about $12-13. Then I thought to myself… Why does it cost that much for a passport photo?  Is… Read More »

I Really Like This Micro SD Card Reader

This isn’t the most exciting product in the world…but this product is so simple and just works. There are so many micro SD card readers out there in all various shapes and sizes.  But I just had to mention this one because of several important reasons. It is future-proof.  Ok, it’s probably not going to… Read More »

My Favorite Bittorent Client At The Moment

I use BitTorrent to download random things from BitTorrent search engines.  In order to download something, you need a client program that will allow you to download stuff . For the longest time, my favorite has been uTorrent.  It had all the things I wanted from a BitTorrent client.  It was simple, minimalistic, ran smoothly,… Read More »

House of Cards Season 4 is Released

It’s going to be a very long weekend. If you’re a fan of the show House of Cards on Netflix, Season 4 was released on March 4th, 2016. I’ve already started watching.  It’d be interesting to see the conflict between Frank and Claire Underwood and whether they resolve their differences.

An Awesome EveryDay Carry Flashlight

I didn’t even expect to buy one in the first place. Actually, I already have a flashlight that is sitting on my desk.  It is about the size of taking 4 sharpie pens and holding it together. I thought to myself, “It’d be nice if there was something smaller.”  So I started to look on the… Read More »